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Princess in an Ice Palace

Literally walking in a Winter wonderland! The Beverly Center and its fabulous PR & visual team have recreated an Ice Palace for the holidays!! Equip with Santa, an Ice Princess, interactive screens and even falling snow, the festive attraction brings BBC Earth's 'Frozen Planet' to the shoppers.
This season, Microsoft Windows and their brand ambassadors take you through the frozen experience while shoppers interact with Surface tablets and mingle with Santa and the Ice Princess, brought to you by LA Models. There is even an opportunity for your pet to cozy up with the big man himself for portraits!
This Friday, the Beverly Center will be opening bright and early for Black Friday shoppers at 8am and Santa and the Ice Princess will be available too! This year's Black Friday deals seem to be much more organized and geared towards necessities and basic buys.  Department stores are opening the night before and most stores are offering their deals days ahead of time to simmer the craze and extend offers to eliminate a rush.
Conceptually, this actually makes the retailers MORE money and shoppers a lot happier. Macy's is spearheading the movement towards extended deals and hours, as is Walmart and other larger brick and mortars.
Don't forget, Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday, is geared to encourage shoppers to patron their local establishments. Following that is Cyber Monday, where e-tailers and online based companies will offer Black Friday- esque deals online for one day only. 
Consumer habits seem to be changing the retail cadence this go around and everyone seems to be benefiting! So Happy Shopping!
Playing in the snow at the Ice Palace at the Beverly Center. (Top by Aryn K)

Aryn K Cape Top

JustFab Heels in the faux snow at the Ice Palace!

I found Santa in the Ice Palace!!