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Looking at Layers! Tips for Your Climate

Flattering in Flannel! Who would have thought flannel could look so sexy and sleek after the '90's?! Though the weather in Los Angeles at the moment feels more appropriate for a beach stroll rather than bundling up weather, I know the East Coast has a much different tune in climate.
So I decided to put together a look of light layering than can easily be changed to East-Coast appropriate with a coat and pair of knee high boots.  Playing around with the comeback of flannel, my layered look is perfect for ever-changing temperatures. Keeping it casual yet chic with the addition of a heel, this look is perfect for daytime duties!
The trick to layering is in the material and weight of the fabric you are using. Keep in mind what climate you are dressing for and where you will be. No one wants to be helplessly hot in the middle of coffee with a gal pal because they over dressed. So make sure each layer below the surface can make sense as an outfit on its own once the top layers are removed.
So there you have it!