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A Gem Tone Take Over!

I have always been a fan of neutral makeup styles and subdued hues for cosmetics. My most important tip for applying makeup and choosing a pallet is to work with what you already have and accentuate. If you have red undertones, work with rouges, purples and pinks. If you have olive undertones, you can use browns, blushes and nudes.
Women spend a large amount of time getting ready as it is. So I am a fan of anything that can simplify this process such as eye shadow pencils, concealers with a brush/pump applicator and eyebrow/eyeliner duos. You will spend less money on your routine if you keep these products in mind and in your purse!

In my recent feature 'How to Wear Jewel & Gem Tones', we explored how to apply the eye trends. This time, I have put together a list of products based on your skin tones that are also combination time savers!

Red Undertones-

Olive Undertones-

Essie (Left to Right): 'Power Clutch', 'Sew Psyched' & 'Chinchilly'

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