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New Year, New You!

At the start of every new year, you make resolutions to be a better person. To be a more whole version of you. The steps that take us towards this goal is what makes us unique. The fervor and intent, especially during the month of January, is at its high point and new beginnings take motion.
To pave my way towards a new year, new me, I began with self improvement and where to do it! 
Blushington is a concept retailer with a similar structure to Dry Bar that focuses on makeup. Located strategically next to Dry Bar, I visited the Sunset Blvd. location to figure out a new look. I have never claimed to be an expert with cosmetics, so I thoroughly appreciate this type of service in which you can sit back and relax in their pink accented salons and learn as the experts work their magic!
I opted in for the 'Smoke & Mirrors' option because who doesn't want to learn how to do a smokey eye?! They have natural looks and Hollywood glam looks, so you can pick and choose based on your personal preference or occasion!

 Next stop was for a much needed color job from one of the celebrity masters, Debi Dumas at the Byron Williams Salon in Beverly Hills. Debi is known for her work with Chelsea Handler and the Millionaire Matchmaker's Glam Squad.  Her expertise lends to her combination work with both foils and balayage technique. "I think the health of the hair is a possibility. (concerning which techniques to use) Foils allow you more control, balayage is more free spirited." As the ombre trend fades away with 2013, natural colored hair is ushering its way in as a hair trend of 2014 and Debi is the gal to go to!

 Most imporant is HOW you feel. After getting all dolled up, I am certainly feeling strong for the new year. So to round off my 'new' me campaign, I am hitting the great outdoors with FableticsCreated by JustFab and Kate Hudson, Fabletics has a great assortment of proper work out attire for whatever activity you prefer and in all seasons! 
**Work Out Tip- Mixing it up with your regiment by combining running followed by light weights helps build lean muscle. Yoga is a great way to decompress after a workout and feeds oxygen to your tired muscles.