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My Blue Valentine

It is not mandatory to don your best pinks and reds on Valentine's Day. Feel free to get creative! Your Valentine's ensemble should be about you and what style you evoke on a regular basis. Sure, you can doll it up a bit and add some flare, but stay true to you and what you are passionate about on the day to celebrate LOVE.
My style for V-day, classic with a bit of edge! I don't have too much pink in my closet, even though I love it! So I embraced a color that looks good on me all the time and headed to the ever popular 'Love' wall in Culver City, CA.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Valentina Kova Skirt // Brahmin 'Sally' Wristlet SS 14

Pineapple Necklace by Tiffany Chou // Valentina Kova Top

JustFab 'Riva' in Taupe

Valentina Kova Top & Skirt

Valentina Skirt // Brahmin 'Sally' Wristlet SS 14

Valentina Kova Top & Skirt // Brahmin 'Sally' Wristlet // Chilli Beans Sunglasses