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NYFW F/W Day 4- Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Fall Women's Collection, 'American Explorer, was aptly presented on a runway staged in the great American outdoors with faux snow and a backdrop of mountain ranges for the models to saunter through to tunes including the Black Keys and Kings of Leon. Plaid tartans, shearling lined wedges, and fleece and mohair oversized coats made up the rugged ensemble. Personally I have never seen rugged look so chic!
Backstage Love from the models thanks to the Social Concierge!

Rehearsal at Tommy Fall 14

Backstage Makeup Artist at work for Tommy Fall 14

While I am in New York often, I try to take advantage of new opportunities, mix and mingle with new media and discover new brands to work with.
This season, I had the pleasure of participating in. An InstaMeet designed for the Tommy Hilfiger Fall runway show. I have covered Tommy's runway in previous seasons, but not in this capacity.First off, let me describe what an InstaMeet is.  Bloggers, like myself, have many outlets and platforms they utilize to get the word out and market their content. Among these platforms, are artists, other media, brands, consumers, etc. Take YouTube for example. A site that brings relevant content to those seeking it. Within the YouTube Community, there is YouTube talent. Talent that came about strictly via YouTube and their video content generated not for a demand but a niche they consider themselves to be skilled. The same has come about with Vine & Instagram. Vine celebs are paid thousands of dollars to create content of high or low quality production that will be dwindled down to the platforms six second constraint for your viewing pleasure. 
Instagram artists depict their talent, lives, experiences via picture and hash tags. Some IG'ers have grown quite famous for merely riding the selfie trend early or because of their Insta-famous pets, such as Roku the cat.Tommy is a fast adapting brand, which lends to its still successful image so many decades after inception. It's ephemeral designs and marketing methods change constantly and keep the brand and namesake young and relevant.Last season, Tommy installed the 'Social Concierge' concept where social media mavens and attendees are given an exclusive email address to a team of Tommy employees located backstage before, during and after the runway. This team's sole responsibility is to field requests from guests for any of their social needs while in attendance. Last season, I requested backstage images of the shoes and accessories that would be used during the runway and received the pictured within minutes of my email being sent. I never left my seat! Tommy also went as far as to live stream the images posted using the hashtag for the show on jumbo screens displayed in the staging area as guests arrived. This season, they repeated the social concierge in addition to selecting a group of Instagrammers for an InstaMeet to generate the social buzz exclusive to his show, organized by the Mobil Media Lab
Our job: get the hash tag trending, generate anticipation among our followers with backstage photos and teasers and meet the man behind the mega brand. Reps from the marketing and communications team at Tommy led our guided tour to our private 'social' room where we plugged in, literally and figuratively, before leading us backstage to witness the buzz of models, interviews, and hair and makeup. After sitting in on the rehearsal, we met with the designer who seemed to be beaming about his new collection for Fall and quite appreciative of our role and influence for the masses. He even gave us the advice that his key to staying sane is organization!