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NYFW Street Style

Fashion Week in New York during the Winter is a much different scene than in the Fall for Spring presentations. The unsavory weather seems to attract less public prospects and even less attendees. The security stepped the process up at the entrance to which you were required to show proof of invitation to the shows, relevant to the day of. Once inside, the vibe was more of a lounge feel rather than utter chaos, and there seemed to be less brands set up as vendors, making it seem less like a trade show and more like a fashion show! There were cyber stations which included computers which invited guests and media could immediately plug in after shows and upload photos and generate reviews within minutes of walking out of the tents. Thus fortifying a much faster lead time than ever before. In addition, no one seemed to be fighting for outlets in which to charge their phones in between shows and the NYPD even regulated non-permitted vendors in the square of the Lincoln Center amidst the photographers. Leaving it open for capturing Street Style as attendees made their way from cabs to tents.
Since it averaged 30 degrees each day and even flurried one of the days, the fashion of the attendees seemed to be more function than fad. Fur and faux fur coats replaced last year's ever popular puffer coat, while menswear inspired ankle boots and couture snow boots replaced stilettos and pumps. It's not that skilled fashionistas can't walk in heels in the snow, because we absolutely can. However, salt and slush will do horrid things to Jimmy Choos!Just because it was a snow laden frozen tundra, there was no room for drab! A popular color trending for the street style this season was bright red-orange and emerald and embellished hats from beanies to acorn hats. Leandra Lewis even wore her upcoming collabed Supergas underneath a couture maxi skirt.I opted for comfort after day one of attempting to not break my neck at every cross walk while slushing through plowed hills of snow.  Black ice is not a good combination with slick bottom Louboutins. Leather gloves with smart phone friendly finger pads seem to be trending, along with pom beanies and tea length capes.Here are a few of my Wintery curated styles worn this fashion week!

H&M Faux Fur from the Runway Collection (Similar Style) // Black Halo Genevieve 2 Pc Dress //  Peter Pilotto for Target Sunglasses // JustFab Longitude Tote

H&M Faux Fur Coat from Runway Collection // JustFab Longitude Tote // Peter Pilotto for Target Sunglasses

Bijou Van Ness 'Black Dahlia' // Prada Sunglasses // Express Coat // Hudson Moto Jeans // Zara Ankle Boots // JustFab Longitude Tote
*Photo Credit -Aaron Kinney-
Bijou Van Ness 'Black Dahlia' // Prada Sunglasses

Hale Bob Gloves

Black Halo 'Dusk' Jumpsuit // ANAMA Jacket // Hale Bob Gloves
ANAMA Jacket // Hale Bob Gloves // H&M Runway Belt

MANGO Coat // Black Halo 'Dusk' Jumpsuit // Shoe Mint Loafers 

MANGO Coat // ANAMA Jacket // Black Halo 'Dusk' Jumpsuit // H&M Runway Belt // Peter Pilotto for Target Sunglasses

Valentina Kova Dress & Belt

Valentina Kova // Single Dress Pants // Zara Ankle Boots

LuLu Frost Stellar Ring & Bangle