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Spring Hostess Must Haves- Mini Sweet & Savory Pies!

If you feel like you were born to entertain and often channel Martha Stewart when you enter a kitchen, then you know how important the little thing can be.  Drawing inspiration from Pi Day on 3/14 as well as everything that is fresh and Spring and my love for pie, this list of sweet and savory bite sized treats will help you take your hosting abilities to the next level!
Pies do not have to strictly be sweet. Savory pies are just as enjoyable and in miniature form, just as captivating! My suggestion for the mistress of ceremonies is to serve savory mini pies as a side dish or appetizer. As for the sweet mini pies, they make the perfect party favor for guests as they leave! If you want to get really creative, no matter the occassion, crafting custom made boxes with handles and a message in print like the one below is a perfect way to send your guests off with their bite sized delights!

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