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A Little Shopping Never Hurt Anyone

JustFab 'Ambrosia' Heels

H&M Blazer (Similar Style) // JustFab Denim // Katherine Kwei Clutch

Katherine Kwei Clutch

My cardio is shopping. It's not really, but I certainly don't take shopping lightly. 
In the world of online shopping where everything is digital, occasionally I will go into department stores to discover what's trending, discover new brands and get some extra cardio in!
I enjoy online shopping just as much as the next person, but there is something extra you get when perusing the isles of Nordstrom, a certain smell of Chanel Chance in the air and the lingering possibility of running into one's true love...a fabulous new pair of shoes.
No matter the task of the day, my motto is 'dress to impress'. You never know what circumstance the day might hold for you, so dress for them all!