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Who Says Shorts Can't Be Chic?!

I have heard that many women tend to shy away from shorts, for one reason or another. I believe it's all about finding the right pair of shorts that suit you!
It is so inherently important to dress for your body shape. That doesn't mean you need to cover it all up, nor does it mean to take it all off! Recognizing which shape you are is step one. 
I am pear shape, small on the top and larger on the bottom. I used to be athletic shape, but let's be real...our bodies change! So you need to adapt your wardrobe as your body and style changes, because both absolutely will.
I prefer a longer short that sits on my hips or right below my waist so as to not accentuate my lower half but suit it appropriately, like these fringed shorts from 1.State. That way, I have more wiggle room as to what tops to pair it with like this basic Cotton On v-neck and 1.State lightweight moto jacket.
Most importantly when wearing shorts....the shoes! I normally go for wedges since they still add a bit of height, but don't over dress the ensemble. That is why I chose these bold blue wedges from ShoeDazzle.