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Queen of Coney Island

Another mandatory stop during this trip to NYC for Fashion Week, especially while the weather was beautiful....Coney Island! I have been wanting to go for years. So I rounded up my girls and we headed off on the train to the famed coast line of New York!
I had 'Off to the Races' by Lana Del Rey in my head most of the train ride while we whirled through Brooklyn all the way to the last stop.
Think of Coney Island as the East Coast's Santa Monica. Only less tourists and warmer water! I highly recommend eating at Nathan's Famous, a local legend where the hot dog eating contests take place. And no Coney Island trip would be complete with out a show at the Coney Island Circus Sideshow where you will be greeted by the ever fabulous Dr. Strange.
After spending the day there and watching the sunset with the ferris wheel in the near horizon and beach behind me, it was an epic way for me to end my New York trip...this time around.