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'Tis the Season for Style

 Being on the road for a whole month has been exhilarating, adventurous and certainly making me miss the warm weather in Los Angeles. However, I am thankful to be able to wear my favorite Winter Weather Wardrobe whilst among the low temps here on the East Coast! 
This ridiculously comfortable and warm felted coat from LuLu's has accompanied me well through New York, Boston and now DC. I have been dressing in monotone by layering my outfits with variants of the same color for depth in style. My 71 Stanton duster sweater layered well with these detailed Tommy Hilfiger jeans. For a menswear inspired look, I accessorized with Joie ankle boots and my vintage Stetson hat (found whilst thrifting in Northern Virginia)
 So far, while on the road, I have finished three books, listened to an inhumane amount of Pandora while wandering around the streets of historic East Coast cities in the cold and scoured countless vintage flea markets.