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Tips for Planning for New York Fashion Week

This post is sponsored by smartwater.

Each season New York Fashion Week comes along, I am alongside the rest of the industry and in overdrive mode when it comes to preparing. Each season, my secret to planning is that I begin the planning earlier and earlier to attempt to get a jump on things. 
However, this season marks the start of the "new" New York Fashion Week in which the CFDA is the front man as well as the shows having a new home (in three different locations) the main location being at the Skylight at Moynihan Station. From what I have noticed thus far, the process is still the same, the schedule just as pleasantly hectic as seasons prior and most of the same designers are returning.
So as I have plugged along in my planning and preparation, with the help of about a gallon of coffee, we are rounding home plate and the excitement is really beginning to settle in. The "stress" of planning outfits, organizing my own schedule and bracing for the travel itself, has become second nature to me after so many seasons. And that I am thankful for, not to mention the abundance of smartwater for the smoldering heat we've been experiencing in Los Angeles. It is never a good look when I pull up to valet apologizing for my sweaty seat I am leaving him, but we have all been there. And since smartwater is an accomplice that helps you realize your everyday ambitions. They understand that success happens in a series of mindful steps! As does fashion week!

This season has been a challenge for me personally, as I am managing two bloggers who will be attending as well. So prepping for myself, if it wasn't already a challenge in itself, definitely required a bit more organization than previous years.

My tips on planning for New York Fashion Week:
1. Start early- the more seasons you attend, the larger your network becomes. Don't hesitate to reach out to your connections 5 weeks prior.
2. Follow up- Just because you haven't received an email back, does not mean they have written you off. These masterminds of the industry just so happen to be waist deep in planning as well. So follow up emails are quite helpful for them.
3. Be resourceful- If you don't have a connection with a particular brand, ask around! I never hesitate to help my fellow bloggers or ask for advice.
4. Stay calm and style simple- The reality is, New York in September is HOT! So don't go Lady Gaga in terms of style in an attempt to stand out (unless that's already your thing and if so, then proceed proudly). I stick with a simple style that I know I will be comfortable in as well as fabulous. So when you are planning outfits, just take it one level or two above what you normally would wear. (And try new brands!!)

This story is brought to you by smartwater, who believes in making progress every day little by little and sip by sip. That’s how you move up up up.